I'm happy to share.Project management software is great and SO helpful for an abundance of reasons, but only if the everyone is bought in, and frankly, it's often a tough sell; especially when it creates a redundancy.When you set a deadline for a project or action, it's easy to forget that exists the minute you leave Hive. Everyone here (and in most offices I have worked in) is fully bought in on G Suite and use our calendars religiously to help keep us on track with deadlines (push notifications to all devices is the main factor there). Unfortunately Hive has now created a redundancy for us in that we have to input each deadline twice (once in Hive, once in G Calendar) and I fear this will cause a massive uphill battle for me trying to keep the team on track with using the software.I love Hive for so many reasons and want to continue using it, but if I can't keep my team fully bought in then all the other amazing features won't be enough, and I feel the calendar sync may be the linchpin here.Please keep me updated on the status of this feature being added.Thanks,Tara @ Camas Consulting"2 way sync would be most useful for me to help me manage resources. Meetings and planning require resources. Hive resources are ineffective if I cannot see all of the resources that are being expended (ie. Calendar). This is why I cannot use resources to the fullest. From what I can tell hive will subtract your scheduled time from the available time in a day to give you resource allocation. If I cannot account for meetings with calendar integration then those numbers and resource system are useless. They cannot provide an accurate account of a workers time."Eric Camera @ WJU