Re-order pinned projects on navigation
Now, you'll be able to re-order the pinned projects on the navigation panel by dragging the projects up or down. This will help Hive users create a more customized navigation experience for easy access to their most-visited projects.
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Recurring subactions
Subactions are a critical part of the Hive workflow, and we’re constantly working to make your action card experience even better. Now, you’ll be able to set a recurring subaction for any action nested within a parent action.
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A few things to remember when you’re setting recurring subactions:
  • If the parent action is complete, the recurring action will be stopped
  • If the parent action project changes, the recurring subaction’s project will also be changed
  • If the parent action is copied and has recurring subactions, they will not be copied over as recurring
  • If you set a recurring subaction, you will not be able to convert it into a project
Project quick link in search
Improving Hive’s search functionality is a huge priority for us, and has been a frequent request from our power users in Hive. In order to make search 'smarter', project 'quick links' will be added to top right search which will allow users to quickly navigate to a project from search. This will help you quickly access a project without having to hop over to your Project Navigator.
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Easy-to-locate annotations and proofing updates
Creatives, this one’s for you. When you’re proofing in Hive, it can be hard to tell which annotations are associated with which comments. That’s why we’ve added an arrow that will show exactly which annotation corresponds to which comment -- now you’ll be able to locate and respond to the right comments with ease.
Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 12
We’ve also added some additional sorting and filtering options for comments, which will help you better locate and understand the comments on the document. With filter, you’ll be able to filter by the person who created the annotation and the annotation type -- this will remove all annotations but the type you’ve selected.
With the new sorting option, you can sort annotations by:
  • Position
  • Time
  • Status
  • Author
  • Type
These updates are ideal if you want to view annotations chronologically or by the specific type of comment.
Important action reminders 🗓
A top request from all of you is here!
Even when tasks are critical to your role, it’s easy to forget about them until the day they’re due. Which is obviously a problem. Fear not, we’ve got the solution. If you’ve got a critical action coming down the pipeline, you’ll be able to set a “Reminder” for actions assigned to you with a due date.
When you go to set the reminder, you’ll be prompted to set a reminder date.
When the reminder goes off, you’ll be notified in Hive with a notification, a pop-up in-app, as well as over email. Never forget about an important action again.
Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 2
P.S. If you change the due date of the action, you'll need to manually change the date of the reminder. The reminder and date are not synced, but that's coming soon!
Dependencies formatting
Dependencies are a critical part of the Hive project management experience and help track actions based on predecessors. They’re so important that we’ve revamped the dependency experience on each action card. To add a dependency to an action card, you can now select the blue plus sign next to the “Dependency” section, and existing dependencies will have a fun new color-coded system.
Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 2
Existing dependencies will be color-coded as follows:
  • Yellow indicates that the action is not due yet
  • Orange indicates that the action is overdue
  • Green indicates that the action is completed
Existing dependencies will be marked with the following icons:
  • The right-facing arrow indicates that this card has another card dependent on it
  • The circle with the line through it means that the card is blocked, which means it is waiting on another card to initiate action
  • The thumbs up means that the action is complete
Email signature formatting
All you Hive Mail-ers out there, this one’s for you. You’ll now be able to add an email signature to your Hive Mail experience. To add an email signature:
  • Click on your profile image in the upper right hand corner of your Hive window
  • Select “Your profile” and click “Mail”
  • Add your custom email signature in the available text box and press “Save”
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Convert action to subaction
Actions are the building blocks of Hive -- they power the work that rockstar teams like you do on a daily basis. Subactions are also an important part of the Hive experience, as they allow you to nest several child actions within a parent action.
With our new subaction feature, you’ll be able to quickly transform an action into a subaction, ideal for fast-moving teams who don’t want to manually restructure parent and child actions. To do this, simply click on the three “More” dots on the upper right hand corner of your Action Card, and select “Convert to subaction.”
Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 9
From there, you can search for the parent action you’d like to nest it under, or assign it as a subaction in any of your recently viewed actions.
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Less is more: Hive speed enhancements
Sometimes less really is more. We’ve recently undergone a major transformation on Hive’s back end -- we’ve decreased in size from 12 MB to 3 MB. What does that mean? We’ll be faster and more efficient, allowing you to process data in Hive more quickly and with fewer errors.
Text editing in Action Card
We’re bringing the text editing functionality you love from Notes into the Action Cards themselves. With this new feature, you’ll be able to:
  • Change text color in Action Card description
  • Highlight text in Action Card description
  • Create headings in Action Card description
  • Add bullets
  • Bold, underline or italicize text
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