Project Member Permissions 👥👥
In 2021 we're on a mission to integrate Hive into every aspect of your workflow, helping you move faster than ever before. Part of most people's workflow is collaboration with team members who have different roles in different projects -- think observers. managers, and approvers. That's one of the reasons we're bringing you new project-level permissions in Hive.
Meet "Read Only Access." She's like the cool aunt that comes over during the holidays, gives great presents, and just observes the whole scene. With read only access, users can bring observers or managers into projects to view and comment on action cards. Read only project members will not be able to add, delete, or update card details.
Then you've got the user with full access. This is basically what it sounds like -- this user has full access to edit and view anything in the project and corresponding actions. They're the parent of the team, if you will.
Interested in test driving for yourself? To access permissions, go to "Edit project" from the project more dots on the top right, then scroll down to Project members. Click on the edit icon.
Here you'll find a list of all project members, with their permission level on the right.
Screen Shot 2021-01-15 at 4
From that drop-down, you can easily assign user permissions.
Project IDs 🗂
After hearing some great customer feedback, we've added a new Project ID feature. This is going to help teams keep track of projects, therefore increasing efficiency and helping your team move faster. Unlike project names, project IDs will never change and can be used to reference Hive projects in other locations such as a shared drive.
To enable project IDs, go to Your profile dropdown > Your workspace > Settings. Here, you will see the option to 'Enable project IDs:'
Note: Only admins will be able to turn on this setting
Hive_ Home for busy teams 2021-01-13 14-17-06
Depending on the size of your workspace and how many projects are currently in flight, it may take a few minutes to load your project IDs. You will receive a notification when the project IDs have finished loading and will be prompted to refresh your page.
Upon refresh, you will see your project IDs in Project Navigator, Project Home, and as an available column in portfolio view. Project IDs will also be searchable in the main workspace search field.
Hide actions from external users
Ever get the feeling that some actions in your project just aren't meant for external collaborators? Maybe you're collaborating with a freelancer, or don't want a client to see a specific action around billing or a pending issue.
To make external collaboration even more seamless, you can now toggle on a "hide action" setting on specific action cards with a few clicks. This enables total privacy for your organization while allowing you to remain on top of actions and projects.
To get started, you will first need to enable this feature in project settings. To do that, go to More --> Edit Project, and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you will see the option to 'Hide all actions from external users until they become visible.'
Once this feature is enabled, all actions in the project will have an external users toggle on the top of the card which indicates if the card is either private to the internal team, or visible to external users. All action cards will be private to the internal team by default.
Action card level visibility for External users – Figma 2021-01-13 13-45-05
Multi-year Gantt view
We know, we know. You love Gantt. That’s why we’ve added a new “multi year view” in Gantt, which you can access from the Gantt menu underneath the magnifying glass. To access “multi year view,” simply click “multi-year view” and voila! Gantt will expand to include five full years of actions.
Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 2
Thanks to our friends at Ride Fox Creative, UCSD, University of Tennessee, and Outright Games for upvoting this feature!
Ability to search notes content 🔎
When you’re remote, there’s one thing you’ve got a lot of: meetings. And that means a lot of meeting notes. With our new notes functionality, you can now search for notes contents in the notes “search” bar, available at the top of the notes modal.
This search will make note titles and notes contents easily discoverable for teammates.
Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 2
Shout out to our friends at Hiebing, University of Texas, and Culture Consultancy LTD who voted on this feature.
Mobile meeting notes📱
dec 22 eamil header
Taking your meeting notes on-the-go has never been easier. With this new update to the mobile app, you’ll be able to view all Hive Notes in the mobile app with a few clicks. First, the notes icon has been added to the bottom right corner of the mobile app navigation for easy access.
When you click on the notes icon, you’ll be taken to a notes page with all shared notes, and from there you’ll have the:
  • Ability to see whether a note is shared or private, and what project the note is in
  • Ability create a note, edit, delete a note
  • Ability to search notes by title
Once you click into a Note itself, you’ll have:
  • Ability to edit text, which will save automatically to the note
  • Ability to complete action by clicking on check mark
  • Ability to go to an action by clicking on action block
  • Ability to navigate back to list of notes
Please note: Notes on Android are Read Only.
Priority level on mobile action card
Priority levels are now visible on-the-go, as we’ve introduced them into the mobile app landscape. In addition to being visible on the action card, you can also change the priority level from the mobile action card.
Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 2
Updated mobile navigation 📲
We’ve got a slew of mobile app navigation updates for you! With the new mobile navigation, you’ll now have the following quick-access options on the bottom of your screen:
  • My Actions
  • Projects
  • Alerts
  • Chat
  • Notes
Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 2
With this change, we’ve split My Actions from Projects, added a Notes tab, moved the “Action” button to My Actions, and moved My Profile to the top of My Actions view. With these changes, you’ll be able to use the mobile app with increased ease and efficiency.
Thank you to our friends at The Hackley School and Mezco for requesting part of this feature!
Custom bill rates by project
We get it. If you're an agency, you've probably got different bill rates for different projects or clients. With our new update, you'll be able to customize bill rates associated with different people on any given project.
Screen Shot 2020-12-16 at 1
To set custom bill rates up for your team:
  • Ensure that the Resourcing app is toggled on in Hive Apps
  • Visit your project homepage - if you're the project owner or admin, you'll be able to see a section called "Project Bill Rates"
  • When you enter the Custom Bill Rate, the Default Bill Rate will be automatically overrided
Priority level updates❗️❗️
Filtering in status view
Our new priority level app recently launched, and we’ve loved seeing everyone’s feedback. One thing we wanted to add to enhance your experience was the ability to filter by priority level in status view. To filter by priority levels, click the “Filter” icon in status view and select the “Priority levels” dropdown.
Screen Shot 2020-11-26 at 11
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