If we were looking for reoccuring assets (logo, text files etc.) we would click right on the files and access them without having to sort through anything. We used that feature daily. We also use it for social post picutres- we dont have to click into every action card to see the overall files.From Mina @ PlandayI would be nice to have a icon in the top of the chat where you can click and see all the files, you have uploaded in that chat. So you don't have to scroll up to find an old file.CS Questions:Is there an easier implementation of this that is like a filter of just messages that have uploaded files (similar to the way you can search email for only messages that have attachments)Alternatively, I'm not sure where something like a "Shared Files" panel lives in our chat panel, like what Slack has that lives along the side, since the list could be long you want a nice size panel to scroll down - does it pop open like the Create DM/chat group modal?Requirements:See file nameSee file type (using our app iconography for this like when it was uploaded)See which Hive user uploaded the fileSee date and timestamp for when file was uploadedOption to download the fileSee all of this per chat group and per DM