Users can have date-driven tasks that must occur on a specific day of the month (e.g., pay employees every 2 weeks on Fridays) or on a specific cadence (e.g., meet with Sales team on the 4th Tuesday of every month, every X number of days). Our current date picker doesn't support the latter.
Include quarterly, bi-monthly and twice a month
Include annual every x number of years
Scenarios/Pain Points
If there is a meeting on the last Tuesday of every month, users don't have a clean way to set a recurring action for sending out the agenda the day before the meeting (the date isn't always the same).
I have some tasks that occur every three days on a rolling basis, not just every M, W, F etc.).
Our clients require certain actions to be completed by specific business days each month so I wanted to see if we could have recurring dates be configured between calendar and business days. For example, we need "partner reconciliation" completed by the sixth business day every month. We will need this task to be completed in December on 12/10, not 12/6. Add option in monthly recurring to be business day, so weekends are excluded.