We have this workflow for new Project intake:
  1. Users fill out a Hive Form with many fields that are mapped to an Action Card description. These fields provide details on the new project request.
  2. Once the form is submitted, an action card is created in a project called New Project Requests.
  3. We have an internal review of all new requests, if approved, we convert the Action Card to a Project.
  4. Right now, this operation does not copy the title or description from the action card to the project. We have to manually type in or cut/paste.
Note: even mapping fields on the form to Project Description does not do anything to populate the project description automatically during the convert. (separate issue created for that).
It would be very helpful to have the options to "copy action card title to project title" and "copy action card description to project description" when doing "Convert to Project" operations on an action card.