The Project Custom Field categories are adjusted daily in approvals view. It prioritizes our jobs for the day. In moving to live hot sheets i think about two views. Table view and approvals view. Table view currently does not pull through the category. It would be ideal to see this custom field here and have the ability to edit from here. Approvals view has the category field, but does not pull through all subactions . Portfolio pulls actions/subactions but it be great if we could select action by date/dates within a project as opposed to by step.
Users Impacted / Errors
Project Management
Auto Request Hot Sheet
Use Case
Project Management - idea is to move towards hot sheet meetings and show live data in hive, make live updates in a user friendly format.
This would also help with client gantt charts that we have no been able to create just yet in Hive
Goal / Outcome
Updating data live, using data in Hive in a user friendly/client friendly format
Created by Andrew Naisawald
June 22, 2022