Make it easier to plan projects and resourcing with time off.
Show a message when you assign a task to someone who is OOO on the day(s) of the action card.
Show an alert if an action was assigned to a user in Delhi (notification that it's Diwali)
Imagine a 32 hours task assigned over a period of a week resulting in ~6.4 hrs per day. Then place a scheduled Time/Off in the middle of that week. One day for 8 hours.
You now have 4 days at ~6.4 hrs and 1 day at 14.4. I would prefer it read 8 hours everyday as it would more accurately represent the time distribution spent on the task.
Another way of thinking about it... distribute estimated hours of a task across the days available to the employee (same way you can exclude weekends) rather than total week days.