Undo in Gantt
If you've accidentally added, expanded, or altered something in Gantt view that you'd like to undo, you'll now be able to with one click. This will make it easy to recover your Gantt view without making dozens of manual changes.
The undo button will work on the following:
  • Date changes
  • The addition, removal, or changing of dependencies
  • Parent action changes
  • Adding actions
To quickly undo an action, press the "Undo" button in the bottom right hand corner of your screen in Gantt view.
Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 3
Additionally, if you need more visibility into a longer list of actions, you'll now be able to Expand the Gantt view. Simply click the Expand button in the bottom corner, and Hive will fill your screen.
Note: Undo only stores that last 10 changes that have been made, and if you navigate away from Gantt, the undo backlog will be cleared.
Thank you to our friends at Coola, Xenopsi, Wash U, and ERMC for requesting this feature.