Important action reminders 🗓
A top request from all of you is here!
Even when tasks are critical to your role, it’s easy to forget about them until the day they’re due. Which is obviously a problem. Fear not, we’ve got the solution. If you’ve got a critical action coming down the pipeline, you’ll be able to set a “Reminder” for actions assigned to you with a due date.
When you go to set the reminder, you’ll be prompted to set a reminder date.
When the reminder goes off, you’ll be notified in Hive with a notification, a pop-up in-app, as well as over email. Never forget about an important action again.
Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 2
P.S. If you change the due date of the action, you'll need to manually change the date of the reminder. The reminder and date are not synced, but that's coming soon!